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The Slightly Awesome Teacher: Edu-Research meets common sense

The Slightly Awesome Teacher: Edu-Research meets common sense

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Most books on teaching ask teachers to be inspirational, to operate at 100 miles an hour with creativity oozing out of every pore. Dominic Salles says that's unsustainable. But you can get brilliant results using some simple practices taken from the myriad of educational research on classroom practices.

It isn't a guide to all the extra stuff you should do to become cool and awesome. It is a book that will get you to forget about teaching and think about learning: another way of saying, it will help you to stop stressing about what you do, and get the students to work harder and smarter at what they do.

Dominic Salles believes that every teacher can be slightly awesome. And here he shows you how.


No gimmicks, no frills, just solid, sensible advice on actually teaching children to do better than they ever believed possible. Oh, and a smattering of wisdom from that well-known educational thinker Arnold Schwarzenegger. --David Didau, @LearningSpy, author of What Every Teacher Needs to Know About Psychology

Dominic's book is a sane and playful attempt at translating what 'evidence-led' means for those of us who need such a translation. It is the work of a very experienced, very popular teacher with a stupendous record of results, and it is also an insight into the mind of someone at the chalk face who is attempting to make 'evidence-led' a reality. I finally understood some things that had always foxed me from reading this book and, because of this, have no hesitation in describing it, and its author, as being both as cool as a Smeg fridge/freezer and as awesome as a Jimi Hendrix solo. --Phil Beadle, author of How to Teach

About the Author

A teacher for 24 years, Dominic Salles believes current teacher training, the oppressive climate in too many schools and 'inspirational' CPD robs you of the chance to be slightly awesome, and makes you feel guilty for not being perfect. He wants to show you how to help your students fly, to love your job and have time to live a fulfilled life,