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The Inner Curriculum: How to develop Wellbeing, Resilience & Self-leadership

The Inner Curriculum: How to develop Wellbeing, Resilience & Self-leadership

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Without high levels of wellbeing and resilience, pupils are unable to function well, build strong, positive relationships or get the most out of their education. Values-based Education (VbE) has recognised this for many years; Neil and Jane's renowned work has been to support schools in creating authentic values-based cultures, which promote wellbeing and resilience for all.

The authors have been mindful to create this guide as one that gives the reader both an understanding of the transformational theoretical ideas underpinning it and a range of practical exercises that will support its implementation. In the first theoretical part of this guide the authors give the reader an overview of Values-based Education (VbE): the Inner Curriculum (IC) and their relationship with each other. Part B explores how to implement the Inner Curriculum (IC).

About the authors

Neil is respected throughout the world as an educational leader, thinker and social commentator. Neil's successful career as an educator in the UK started by learning his craft as a teacher, which he loved. Neil is well known as an inspirational speaker, broadcaster and writer. His previous book, From My Heart, transforming lives through values, is a celebration of the success of his work worldwide. Neil is married to Jane.

Jane is an experienced and highly respected psychotherapist. For many years Jane worked as an innovative trainer and guidance counsellor, supporting disaffected young people. Jane actively supports the theoretical and practical development of Values-based Education (VbE) worldwide and is one of its key thinkers and presenters. In recent years she has studied the Internal Family System (IFS) of psychotherapy in the UK and USA. Her particular academic and professional interests are focused on supporting both adults and children to understand their inner world of thoughts, sensations, emotions and behaviours. She believes that as we compassionately open our hearts and minds to our internal world, it releases our sense of Self, which is essential when establishing a peaceful, loving world.


Neil Hawkes' Values-based Education (VbE) has been highly successful in helping schools in England and worldwide become more compassionate, character-building places. With this new book, he and his wife Jane are expanding their reach by offering a practical guide to the inner changes needed to support VbE. I believe this work has the power to transform education in the direction needed to address the massive problems our planet is facing by helping children become not only more self-aware, but also committed to positive change. -- Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D, Developer of the Internal Family Systems model of psychotherapy Faculty, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard University Medical School

This charismatic book shows how every teacher can contribute to a better world, where the desire to love outweighs the instinct to fear and dislike. -- Lord Richard Layard

This book contains the formula for changing the world. There is no doubt in my mind that values-based education is the key to creating a compassionate, peaceful future for humanity. -- Richard Barrett, Director of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values