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The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence

The Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence

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Increasingly, across the system, people are talking about knowledge and curriculum. In this timely new book, Mary Myatt is at her brilliant best as she passionately argues that the solutions to overcoming achievement barriers lie in understanding the curriculum and in what children are meant to know.

 In order to reach coherence on the curriculum, it's going to require teachers in schools to engage in the conversation; it's a journey we need to share if we're going to deliver a curriculum we understand and believe in.

In a series of crystal-clear chapters, Mary guides teachers and school leaders through one of the most important debates in education.


 'Globally, new attention is being given to curriculum principles and curriculum practice. Mary Myatt's book is major contribution to this debate. She combines encyclopedic knowledge of schools with crystal-clear description of curriculum principles and few books range so effectively across curriculum theory and day-to-day practice in the classroom. Mary does this with huge authority and extreme clarity. A must-read for all those involved in improving education.' Tim Oates CBE, Group Director of ARD, Assessment Research and Development

 ‘This book weaves together theory, research, policy, and practice to provide educators at every stage of their career a practical guide to coherent curriculum design. Chapters divided by subject and strategy make it easy to keep coming back to, whilst Mary’s humorous and intelligent prose make it a pleasure to read.’ Claire Hill Head of English and Media Studies Dover Grammar School for Girls

 ‘This is an absolutely sizzling synthesis of practical wisdom about curriculum. Rooted in research and punctuated with inspirational examples, Mary has written an accessible and engaging guide to everything that a school needs to know to clarify, deepen and extend its curriculum thinking.’ David Weston, Chief Executive, Teacher Development Trust

 ‘This book has been invaluable and really balances theory, critical argument and practical applications for how we can achieve this in our curriculum planning and subject CPD.’ Aja Cortizo Professional development Team Lead, Glyn School

 'Inspiring and helpful in equal measure, this book is going to make a significant contribution to the work schools need to do to make the vision of a coherent curriculum a reality.' --Tom Sherrington, Former teacher and headteacher; consultant and author of The Learning Rainforest

 ‘This is exactly what I needed to read before the team goes to rewrite the curriculum this term. It is definitely a must read to completely rethink the curriculum because it covers all aspects to truly ensure ‘high challenge and low threat’ across all subjects. I’m so excited about redesigning the teaching and learning to ensure children are engaged and inspired.’ Flora Barton Headteacher Crowmarsh Gifford CE Primary School

 'This is a book of profound scope. Whether you are a recently qualified teacher or experienced senior leader, there is something in this wonderful book for everyone. The concise structure of the narrative means that, as a reader, it’s easy to access and the discourse simple to follow. However, the concepts that the book tackle are by no means ‘simple’ and all too often it makes you stop and reflect quite critically on everything that you once thought were true of a great curriculum. Mary reminds us that “we need to pay as much attention to the ‘soft’ stuff as to the ‘hard’ metrics”. This is a challenge that we all face in an era of ever-increasing accountability and dwindling resources. For this reason - and for the fact that it is so well-written - Mary’s timely new book should be read near and far so that we don’t all end up in the proverbial stew.' Andrew Morrish, CEO of Victoria Academies Trust and author of The Art of Standing Out.