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Teaching For Mastery

Teaching For Mastery

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There are many models of schooling; some work, some don't. Mastery is an entire model of schooling with over 100 years of proven success. Its impact has been researched for decades, with many of the world's greatest education minds testing and refining the approach. It's one of the models of schooling that actually works.

In Teaching for Mastery, Mark McCourt examines the history of the teaching for mastery approach, from its early beginnings to the modern day where cognitive scientists have been able to bring further evidence to the debate, demonstrating why a model that was first proposed in the 1910s has the incredible impact on both pupil attainment and attitudes to learning that it has had all around the world for so many decades.

Drawing on cross discipline examples, the story of mastery is one that all educators can engage with. Mark also draws on his own subject, mathematics, to further exemplify the approach and to give practical examples of pedagogies and didactics that teachers can deploy immediately in their own classroom.

About the author

Mark McCourt (@emathsuk) is a leading authority on teaching for mastery. He has trained over 2000 schools in mastery models for schooling in the UK and overseas. A leading figure in mathematics education, Mark has led many large-scale government education initiatives, both in the UK and overseas. Mark was a Director at the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) and has also been a school leader, an Advanced Skills Teacher, a school inspector and a teacher trainer. He founded and was Chairman of the Teacher Development Trust.Mark has extensive experience of mathematics teaching and learning across all age and ability groups, having taught students from age 3 to PhD.


The best book I have read on education -- Ben Gordon (@mathsmrgordon)

Mind officially blown! If you are a teacher of maths, you have to read this book -- Gemma Herrington (@gemmaherrington)

I’m only on page 39 and already I believe that this is a very important book. Thank you! — Karen Wilding (@karenwildingedu)