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Teacher Resilience: Managing stress and anxiety to thrive in the classroom

Teacher Resilience: Managing stress and anxiety to thrive in the classroom

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Teaching is a wonderful profession, but it is one that requires huge amounts of physical, mental and psychological reserves.

Inner resilience is a vital part of this, and the dialogue about how to develop it has been missing in conversations about teacher wellbeing.
Resilience is ultimately the difference between being overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, to finding calm, purpose and joy in the work we do with young people.
Teacher Resilience explores how we can build a more resilient mindset, and what practical actions we can take to be the best version of ourselves in the classroom.

From self-talk to collaboration, conflict management to lesson planning and differentiation, no trigger of potential teacher stress and anxiety is left unexplored.

With practical tools to implement immediately, this is the book that all teachers need to thrive in a demanding profession.

About the Author

Jamie Thom has taught English and worked in leadership positions in schools across the UK.

He is the host of both the TES English teacher podcast, and The Well Teacher podcast, and writes regularly for TES and a range of other publications.  

He is the author of Slow Teaching and A Quiet Education and runs the teaching and learning website www.slowteaching.co.uk.