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Slow Teaching: On finding calm, clarity and impact in the classroom

Slow Teaching: On finding calm, clarity and impact in the classroom

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Slow Teaching is a thoughtful exploration of how slowing down in all aspects of education can lead to improved student outcomes. It evaluates how this slow pedagogy will result in improved feedback, more nuanced and skilled classroom management and relationships, meaningful classroom dialogue, retention of knowledge and school leadership with attention to detail.

It explores how to slowly deepen the craft of teaching to grow expert practitioners who are committed to mastering their practice. It also reflects on strategies that will enable teachers to feel calm, confident and organised in a profession that can often appear relentless.

With a foreword by Mary Myatt

About the author

Jamie Thom started his teaching career in central London and was an assistant Head teacher at a very successful school for two years. Since relocating to the North East, he started www.slowteaching.co.uk, where he has been exploring how to deepen knowledge of pedagogy and leadership, and how to alleviate teacher stress.


This is an excellent book on teaching and learning with an important message for the profession; that it is OK to slow down and take your time. In the frantic nature of the job it is often difficult to make the time to pause and focus on those things that will actually make a difference to what we do but this book makes the case convincingly that it is something we need to do.
Mark Enser 'Making Every Geography Lesson Count' https://teachreal.wordpress.com


Slow Teaching is an important book, which will help all of us to pause, take a deep breathe and take stock. I wholeheartedly recommend educators to read it. Slowly.
Mary Myatt 'High Challenge Low Threat' www.marymyatt.com


Each of the 21 chapters is clearly organised into sections and ends with a few questions to help the reader reflect on the content and how it applies to their situation. I was struck by how well thought through and expressed each section is; Jamie has a gift for getting to the nub of the matter. There are sections on Slow Talk, Slow Relationships, Slow Classroom Strategies, Slow Teacher Improvement, Slow Wellbeing and Slow Leadership. Each one is thought-provoking and refreshing.
Sam Collins founder of www.schoolwell.co.uk.