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Ready to Teach Macbeth: A compendium of subject knowledge,  resources and pedagogy

Ready to Teach Macbeth: A compendium of subject knowledge, resources and pedagogy

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What is the best approach for helping students to understand higher level concepts? How can specific subject knowledge be implemented in lessons?

‘Ready to Teach: Macbeth’ is packed full of practical, easy to apply tips and tricks, helping you deliver a knowledge-rich curriculum with impact. Stuart Pryke and Amy Staniforth bring together the deep subject knowledge teachers need, resources and classroom strategies, and the pedagogical theory behind why these ideas work.

‘Ready to Teach: Macbeth’ covers three key questions for teaching this popular Shakespeare text: What? How? Why? Each chapter focuses on one lesson in a broader scheme of learning and asks:

• What do teachers need to know? - Lesson-by-lesson, subject-knowledge enhancing essays and commentaries on key areas of the text
• How should teachers deliver this subject knowledge? - Fully resourced ideas reflecting current and dynamic best practices
• Why is this an effective way to teach? - An introduction to key pedagogical  concepts used in the resources and why they are proven to help students develop powerful knowledge and key skills.

Whether you are new to teaching or looking for different ways into the text, ‘Ready to Teach: Macbeth’ is brimming with resources, strategies and need-to-know ideas.

About the Authors

Stuart Pryke is an English teacher and subject development leader.

Amy Staniforth is assistant principal at Iceni Academy.

As members of SLT in charge of Teaching and Learning, both authors are passionate about ensuring everyone enjoys their subject as much as they do.