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A Parent's Guide to Powerful Teaching

A Parent's Guide to Powerful Teaching

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A Parent's Guide to Powerful Teaching helps every parent and caregiver support their child along every step of their educational journey.  Patrice Bain knows that parents and caregivers are the one constant for children as they go through school.  She wrote this guide to help them be their child's best advocate, and do that with an understanding of what teachers are doing in the classroom.

We all think we know how to study. Many of us have spent years in educational settings. We may have learned, but do we know how learning occurs? Often the answer is no. Fewer than 10% of students have parents who are certified educators. Where can the other 90% of parents go to find answers? 

The answer is this guide.

Patrice Bain has shown thousands of students with a wide range of abilities how to increase school performance. Having worked with cognitive scientists in the classroom for over half of her 25+ year teaching career, Bain knows how students learn and has developed strategies that increase memory, grades and retention of material.

This book is not about fads or the latest shiny gadgets. Instead, this guide, based on rigorous research, gives the inside look into how all of us learn best. 

A Parent's Guide is also available en Espanol. 

About the Author

Patrice M. Bain, Ed.S. is an educator, speaker and author. Finalist for Illinois Teacher of the Year and a Fulbright Scholar in Russia, she has been featured in national and international webinars, podcasts, articles and press. Bain was asked by the Department of Education to work with cognitive scientists to co-author Organizing Instruction and Study to Improve Student Learning. In addition, Patrice co-authored Powerful Teaching: Unleash the Science of Learning.

Bain was one of two U.S. teachers on the working task group: Neuromyths vs. Neurotruths, sponsored by Institute of Education Sciences (IES) and National Commission on Education Research (NCER), and is on the Educational Advisory Boards for the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Follow Patrice on Twitter @PatriceBain1 and her web site, www.patricebain.com.