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Organise Ideas: Thinking by Hand, Extending the Mind

Organise Ideas: Thinking by Hand, Extending the Mind

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The central purpose of Oliver Caviglioli and David Goodwin's book is to help you deliver content and ideas, to help you teach, coach and lead.  

In 35 distinct examples, you get a system to help select the right tool for the job. Each is described for rapid understanding of their strengths, and explained for step-by-step construction. 

More than 50 master teachers and trainers each have a double-page spread in which they reveal how they use them in their classrooms and online delivery.  A further section of the book demonstrates how to use these word-diagrams most effectively by partnering them with other teaching strategies, such as retrieval practice, writing, speaking and listening, teacher explanations, advance organisers, scaffolding, remote learning and more. 

The pages are illustrated to the same quality and quantity in Oliver’s previous book, Dual Coding with Teachers, its natural companion. A must-have textbook and guide for every teacher, one that transcends contemporary ideological allegiances and fads.

About the Authors 

Oliver has been using graphic organisers for five decades, wrote a clutch of books about their use in school 20 years ago, and since then has been training teachers in their use. For a decade he was a headteacher of a special school. More recently, he has specialised in visualising educational ideas and processes, as well as illustrating books for leading education thought leaders such as Dutch professor Paul Kirschner and the Learning Scientists. His biggest project is his collaboration with Tom Sherrington on the Teaching WalkThrus books and online resources. 

David is the head of year 10 and 11 and a geography teacher at a school in Lincolnshire, U.K. He has previously spotlighted in books written by Kate Jones and illustrated a series of graphic organisers, which appear in Michael Chiles’ The Feedback Pendulum. Whilst David has used graphic organisers in his teaching for many years, it is only more recently — charged by the cognitive science movement — that he has unearthed their full potential. David hopes that Organise Ideas serves to give teachers confidence and the knowledge to use graphic organisers.