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Mind Their Hearts: Creating Schools and Homes of Warm-Heartedness

Mind Their Hearts: Creating Schools and Homes of Warm-Heartedness

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How can our education system be made fit for purpose in a rapidly changing world, where the norms are no longer capable of delivering the goods to the new generation?

David Boddy argues that real change can take place when teachers and parents work together to create schools and homes of warm-heartedness.

In this compelling book, which draws on his experience in politics, education, and business, Boddy unfolds a curriculum that develops a secular ethical approach to education, emphasising unity of the human family, the importance of the child, and the means for the evolution of happiness in our homes and schools.

What David Boddy does in this stimulating challenge to orthodoxy and conventionalism is show how our schools and homes can be transformed into places that work with the essential aspects of our nature ... happiness and warm-heartedness. Part of the magic of this book is the suggestion that change can start happening right now and be delivered by the people most likely to bring it about-teachers and parents. What education needs today is wisdom, not just intelligence. This book has plenty of it. --Sir Anthony Seldon

About the Author
For nearly 10 years, David Boddy was Headmaster of St James Senior Boys'School in London. In 2012 he was elected Chairman of the UK Society of Headteachers and instigated a number of new initiatives to enhance still further Britain's standing as a world-class provider of education. 

He was the press secretary for Margaret Thatcher in the 1979 and 1983 General Election campaigns. In 1999 he founded the Lucca Leadership Trust for young community leaders, which now provides short courses in Italy, the United States and Australasia. He is a member of the UK India Business Council.