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Dual Coding With Teachers

Dual Coding With Teachers

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As part of their discovery of cognitive science and the impact it has on student achievement, teachers are waking up to the powers of dual coding —combining words with visuals in their teaching. But cognitive scientists aren’t graphic designers, and so their books don’t show teachers how to be competent in producing effective visuals.

Consequently, there is a huge gap between what we know about dual coding and the skills needed to practice it effectively in the classroom.

Until now.

Dual Coding With Teachers is a breakthrough educational book. No other book has been designed with both cognitive science and graphic principles in mind. Every page contains diagrams, infographics, illustrations and graphic organizers. The book is designed to cater for both the busy teacher in a rush, as well as the research-hungry colleague.

Over 35 teachers, teacher developers, psychologists and information designers are profiled, each with a double page spread, highlighting their dual coding practice.

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