Sample Chapters

Stop Talking About Wellbeing
Kat Howard

In a critical consideration of research both in and outside of education, Kat explores the key factors of a teacher's role within school, outlining a series of tools that teachers can use to take ownership of their workload, and achieve wellbeing through purposeful job fulfilment.


Slow Teaching
Jamie Thom

A thoughtful exploration of how slowing down in all aspects of education can lead to improved student outcomes.


Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain
Craig Barton

Barton offers an approach to help all our students think mathematically. It requires the careful sequencing of questions and examples, the role of the teacher, and the mathematical behavior of our students. It has transformed his teaching.


Jethro Jones

How can you transform the school experience for all stakeholders? SchoolX has the answer: design thinking.