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Getting to Know Our Authors

John Catt authors discuss their latest publications

John Catt Educational is proud to feature a roster of authors that includes education experts and practitioners in the UK and North America.

In this interview series, originally published on edCircuit, many of our authors will have the opportunity to discuss their latest publications and give you insights into what inspired them to write the books and the strategies you’ll get by reading.

Whether you’re an administrator looking to make changes throughout your school or district, or a teacher seeking practical classroom strategies, you’ll find relevant content to help you succeed. Listen to the individual interviews at your own pace, and download sample chapters of all the featured titles to get a deeper sense of how these publications can support your professional growth.

Learn what sets John Catt’s publications apart from the rest.  Click on the cover of the book to listen to an interview with the author speaking about the topics in their book.

The Sage on the Stage
Michael Zwaagstra

A collection of articles on what works for teachers and learners in the classroom – and what doesn’t. Covers topics from school discipline to content knowledge to no-zero policies.  


Connect the Dots
Tricia Taylor

This book connects the dots between three high-impact areas for student learning: Relationships, Memory and Mindset. Together, they are worth more than the sum of their parts.

Rosenshine's Principles in Action
Tom Sherrington

Barak Rosenshine's Principles of Instruction are widely recognized for their clarity and simplicity and their potential to support teachers seeking to engage with cognitive science and the wider world of education research. In this concise new guide, Rosenshine fan Tom Sherrington amplifies and augments the principles and further demonstrates how they can be put into practice in everyday classrooms.


Reflect, Expect, Check, Explain
Craig Barton

Barton offers an approach to help all our students think mathematically. It requires the careful sequencing of questions and examples, the role of the teacher, and the mathematical behavior of our students.

What the Academy Taught Us
Eric Kalenze

Kalenze describes his involvement in a collaborative school-improvement project named the Sophomore Academy, detailing the principles that initiated it, the collective effort that kept it running, and the lasting effects it had on its teachers and students, brilliantly exploring how bottom-up approaches can succeed in any school.


The Thinking School
Kulvarn Atwal

Atwal presents a model that maximizes both formal and informal opportunities for staff development. Through peer learning, modelling, coaching and mentoring, engagement in research and other professional growth activities, the thinking school creates a dynamic collaborative culture that permeates the entire learning community.

Download a free chapter of these John Catt publications

You can access a sample chapter of each of the John Catt books mentioned above, and many more, by clicking on the link below. Visit the sample chapters page and download as many as you’d like.