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About John Catt Educational

John Catt Educational have been publishing high quality guidebooks, magazines and educator-focused professional development books since 1959.
Our list of professional development books has secured us a place as the leading independent publisher in the sector. The four pillars on which we stand are:

Established but contemporary

  • We’ve been around for 60 years, but our approach is never stale. We stay up-to-date on the latest research and work with current practitioners to make sure we deliver material that is high-quality, timely, and relevant.
  • Our authors include recognized experts, along with a diverse group of fresh voices from the classroom, but we ensure all content is of the highest caliber, no matter who the contributor.

Connecting research with practice

  • Teachers’ experience is valuable, but not every teacher has had the same training or professional development; therefore, proven research-based strategies are valuable for every teacher to access. We concentrate on what works in schools.
  • We deliver strategies based on research, but with an eye on how to use them in a real classroom environment. This is about practice, not theory.

New voices, timeless topics

  • We bring in as many new voices as possible, but ensure they are committed to covering the topics that really matter.
  • We’re not interested in chasing the latest fad, but we do want to amplify diverse perspectives on essential topics that are both timely and timeless.
Digestible but substantial
  • Professional development that is easy to use, quickly digestible, but always rigorous and substantial
  • Our books are efficient -- combining the important qualities of being both quick and effective. Educators have limited time, so we want them to use that time on materials that work.

  • By covering key subjects from multiple angles, we can provide materials that every educator can use.

At John Catt we are proud of the position we hold in education and the trust educators place in us – trust that has been won through hard work, attention to detail, and the ability to be flexible so that we can continue to adapt to the changing world in which we live.
John Catt USA is led by Mark Combes, who handles acquisitions and author relationships.  Gale Morrison leads sales, marketing and business development, including channel engagement and reseller relationships.