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The researchED Guide to The Curriculum

The researchED Guide to The Curriculum

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In the Guide to the Curriculum, Clare Sealy has edited a succinct, comprehensive exploration of how schools can get the most out of a rich curriculum and ways to set curriculum that support teachers and students.  

Expert contributors include Michael Young, Ruth Ashbee, Aurora Reid, Sonia Thompson, Neil Almond, Andrew Percival, Doug Lemov and Emily Badillo, and Christine Counsell.

About the editor

Clare Sealy is a Primary headteacher in Bethnal Green, London. Tom Bennett is the founder of researchED.

researchED is an educator-led organization with the goal of bridging the gap between research and practice. This Guide to Curriculum is part of an accessible and punchy series, overseen by Bennett, tackling the most important topics in education. A range of experienced contributors explore the latest evidence and research and how it can apply in a variety of classroom settings.