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The researchED Guide to Explicit and Direct Instruction

The researchED Guide to Explicit and Direct Instruction

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researchED is a global educator-led organization with the goal of bridging the gap between research and practice. The accessible and punchy researchED series, overseen by founder Tom Bennett, tackles the most important topics in education with clear and succinct language written by experienced educators.

In this Guide to Explicit and Direct Instruction, Adam Boxer has edited the definitive overview for educators to know the research on explicit and direct instruction. This Guide can be a lens for educators to think about and evaluate what they are taught in teacher prep and what they are trained in as professionals. With that, educators can apply the research and evidence in their own classroom and school setting.


Foreword by Tom Bennett

Introduction by Adam Boxer

What was Project Follow Through? by Kris Boulton

Explicit teaching by Greg Ashman

Teaching through examples by Tom Needham

Electrolysing Engelmann by Gethyn Jones

Communicating through covertization by Naveen Rizvi

Fading: removing teacher presence in directed teaching by Sarah Cullen

Using Direct Instruction to teach writing: secondary English
by Amy Coombe and Lia Martin

How Direct Instruction can improve affective factors by Sarah Barker

Is this right for my school? by Hannah Stoten

Spirals, strands and revisiting: importance of review and making links in curricular design by Summer Turner

All children can be taught by John Blake