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Tools for Teachers: How to teach, lead and learn like the world’s best educators

Tools for Teachers: How to teach, lead and learn like the world’s best educators

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If the sky was the limit, what would you do to become the best educator that you can be? In 2016, Ollie Lovell asked himself this same question, and concluded that asking the world’s foremost leaders in education what they do would be a great place to start. 

And so he did just that. Over the past five years, Ollie has spoken to sixty of the world’s most prominent teachers, leaders, and education researchers. With guests including John Hattie, Tom Sherrington, Anita Archer, Dylan Wiliam, Jim Knight, Judith Hochman, Jay McTighe, Tom Bennett, Daisy Christodoulou, Bill Rogers, Daniel Willingham, and many more, Ollie digs deep to work out what works in education, and what doesn’t. This book aims to share those insights with you. It summarises the most useful techniques, tactics and mental models from these sixty conversations, and presents them in a clear, practical, and actionable form for you to start improving your teaching and learning from the first page. 

Tools for Teachers will help you to teach, lead, and learn like the world’s best educators. 

About the Author 

Oliver (Ollie) Lovell is a teacher, author, blogger, and podcaster in Melbourne, Australia. He runs the popular ‘Education Research Reading Room’ podcast, and Tools for Teachers is his second book following the bestselling Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory in Action. You can stay up to date with Ollie’s thoughts and insights into education at www.ollielovell.com

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