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How to be a Transformative Principal

How to be a Transformative Principal

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Being a principal requires you to serve many different people. The job can feel overwhelming. But it does not need to feel that way. 

Because many principals have already figured out what works and how to be great. 

This book is the culmination of over 400 interviews the author conducted on his Transformative Principal Podcast and these interviews hold the key to finding success as a principal – a principal that is not just trying to lead a school but making lasting change that will make their school better for their students. 

With insight from some of the greatest minds in education and some of the best principals that nobody has ever heard of, Jones distils the secrets to success into small action steps you can take to make your school amazing. Jones relates stories of great success, horrific failures, and everything in between. 

The book is structured to help you focus on one area in each month for a school year. Truly, you can start anywhere and work on that piece in that month. 


About the Author 

Jethro Jones is a consultant who helps schools and districts in the US to find simple solutions to complex problems. Named a Digital Principal of the Year in 2017 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals. 

Jethro has served students as a teacher, district coach, media and distance learning specialist, and principal, with experience at every level of public education. He has been hosting the Transformative Principal podcast since 2013 and is the founder of the Transformative Leadership Summit. Jethro is married and has four children.