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Fiorella & Mayer’s Generative Learning in Action

Fiorella & Mayer’s Generative Learning in Action

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Generative Learning in Action helps to answer the question: which activities can students carry out to create meaningful learning? It does this by considering how we, as teachers, can implement the eight strategies for generative learning set out in the work of Fiorella and Mayer in their seminal 2015 work Learning as a Generative Activity: Eight Learning Strategies that Promote Learning.

At a time when a great deal of attention has been paid to the teaching and learning from the perspective of effective instruction, Generative Learning looks at the flip side of coin and considers what is happening in the minds of the learner. This book takes a teacher’s-eye view of a range of theories of learning and keeps their application to the classroom firmly in mind through the use of case studies and reference to day-to-day practice. 

Generative Learning in Action also discusses key considerations and potential limitations of each of the strategies, as well as how you could implement these in your own practice and more widely across a school. 

This book is the next in a series that began with Tom Sherrington’s Rosenshine’s Principles in Action (2019). 

Tom Sherrington is the editor of the In Action series. 

Ilustrations by Oliver Caviglioli