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The Teaching Online Handbook

The Teaching Online Handbook

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Classroom teachers are increasingly expected to teach online – creating content area courses from scratch with little support or training. 

But high-quality, researched-based online teaching has its own particular set of skills and expectations, and most resources are directed at college-level instructors. 

This no-nonsense handbook is for that busy classroom teacher, with clear techniques for planning, instruction, and assessment, as well as sections on teaching students with diverse needs and exceptionalities. 

Based on the author's real-life experiences as an online teacher, there are multiple examples including sample assignments across content areas, rubrics for grading, and sample scripts for parent contact as well as tips to reduce instructor workload and conduct successful live instruction. 

About the Author

Courtney Ostaff has been teaching online since 1999. With a wide variety of experience as a public school special education teacher, an in-home early intervention specialist, a community college algebra instructor, and a homeschooler, she has worked with students ranging from the very young to the elderly.

Along the way, she has developed practices and techniques for making the most of the online classroom. Currently, she teaches math, science, and social studies at an online learning services provider, working with secondary students worldwide. 

Follow Courtney on Twitter @StuckIn48403550 and at https://courtneyostaff.com