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Symbiosis - The Curriculum and the Classroom

Symbiosis - The Curriculum and the Classroom

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When the teaching profession places the curriculum at the heart of what it does, transformative change can take place. Curriculum reform is now at the forefront of every school agenda; in spite of this, there is a danger that its message may become lost in translation. When curricular change is poorly implemented, teachers experience a complete detachment from their sense of purpose, autonomy, and capacity to become curriculum designers of the future.

Employing an astute blend of theory and practice, Claire Hill and Kat Howard offer a methodical approach to designing and delivering a curriculum, to ensure that all feel part of a collective curricular journey. At a time when work on the curriculum can be politicised, monetised and overcomplicated, Symbiosis: The Curriculum and the Classroom provides a series of practical strategies for curriculum designers at every level, in order to not only keep and develop the skilled and professional teachers desperately needed in schools, but also to provide a world-class curriculum to students.

About the Authors

Claire Hill is Trust Improvement Lead at Turner Schools, co-organiser of researchED Kent and Networks Officer for Litdrive.

Kat Howard is a Senior Leader at The Duston School, Northamptonshire, author of Stop Talking About Wellbeing: A Pragmatic Approach to Teacher Workload and founder of Litdrive, an international CPD Provision for English teachers to enrich subject knowledge and encouraging a collaborative approach to curriculum planning.