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The CRAFT Of Assessment: A whole school approach to assessment of learning

The CRAFT Of Assessment: A whole school approach to assessment of learning

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Michael Chiles accessible and innovative book provides a practical guide for teachers and schools on how the CRAFT approach can be applied by looking at each of the different elements of Condensing, Reflecting, Assessing, Feed-forward and Target-driven improvement.

The CR – Condense and Review

Condensing is all about the students taking ownership for their classroom notes, using their own preferred method of breaking down the concepts and processes into smaller chunks for revising. The emphasis is on the student doing the condensing as homework and the teacher checking for completion and factual accuracy.

The role of teachers has been to introduce a 5-question knowledge quiz at the start of every lesson to continually check retention of knowledge across different topics.

The A – Assess

IFA (Interim Formative Assessments) are written to test students’ ability to apply their understanding of the content every 2/3 weeks. These diagnostic tests allow teachers to use assessment for learning to provide students with feedback on their progress without the use of grades, percentages or total marks.

At the end of the 8/10 weeks, students then sit a summative assessment based on all learning from the previous weeks, allowing teachers to provide students with detailed feedback on their progress, along with a grade.

The FT – Feed-forward and target-driven improvement 

Once students have completed their IFAs and received feedback from their teacher, there is specific learning time set aside for feed-forward tasks. These tasks are specific to an aspect of the topic students may have struggled with, enabling target-driven improvement.

About the Author

Michael Chiles is a principal examiner and trust lead in the UK, as well as a chartered geographer of the Royal Geographical Society.  Find him on Twitter @m_chiles